Crow Museum of Asian Art - West Pavilion

Dallas, Texas

This gem, nestled within the heart of the Dallas Arts District, offers a striking visual meal for the senses. Renovated in stages, the museum's atmosphere is as rich as the antiquity on display. The voice of life of the cultural past and present inhabit the carefully hand-picked textures and details, generating an energetic flux from one gallery to the next, and offering inspiration to all those that enter their doors. The layout of the galleries were specifically designed to display rare finds of the Samurai culture, Tibetan manuscripts, paintings of the Literati, sculptures in jade, stone, and precious metals, and much more, supporting a 360 degree view of featured exhibitions for all patrons of the museum. Them most recent stage of renovations included the expansion and renovation of the west pavilion's main gallery with stair and elevator access to the 1st floor gallery below, the redesign of the Pearl Art Studio, and the Lotus Shop. 


  • Kyle Nix, Project Manager
  • Over 5,000 Square Feet in museum renovations
  • 2010 Flora Street, Dallas, Texas 75044
  • Expansion to West Pavilion
  • Install of elevator and stairwell to access 1st floor
  • Redesign of Lotus Shop