Dallas Market Center

Dallas, TX

In 2016, Pritchard Associates was selected to manage the interior and exterior renovations to the Dallas Market Center. Founded in 1957, Dallas Market Center is the world’s most complete wholesale marketplace and the renovations represent the largest expansion of luxury home décor showrooms at DMC in more than forty years. The renovations will take place in two phases. Phase One, which is already completed, focused on showroom construction for the initial set of founding showrooms as well as interior construction of a new registration and reception area, and interior hallways. Construction of Phase Two, which started in June 2017, moved outward to exterior façade renovations, exterior landscaping, and the next stage of showrooms. Phase Two was completed in January of 2018.




  • Mark Potter & Taylor Wildman, Project Managers
  • 220,000 SF
  • Largest Expansion in More than Forty Years
  • Interior Renovations
  • Exterior Renovations