Mockingbird Diner

Dallas, TX

In 2016, Pritchard Associates was selected to manage the construction of the new Mockingbird Diner, located on the former site of the infamous Love Field Inn across from Love Field Airport. A new concept from two of Dallas’ most popular restauranteurs, Mockingbird Diner features roughly 200 seats, including an outdoor patio. The 5,000 SF diner borrows design elements from southern churches including an A-frame roof and tables arranged along a central corridor, angling toward one end of the building, giving patrons the feeling that they are in church while sitting in re-purposed pews. High ceilings and big windows allow for natural lighting to come into the diner. 


  • Kyle Nix, Project Manager
  • 3130 W Mockingbird, Dallas, TX 75235
  • 5,000 SF
  • Ground Up Construction