Old Parkland - Multiple Garages

Dallas, TX

When the renovation of the historical Old Parkland Hospital campus began in 2007, the project needed to address the lack of modern parking facilities.  To that end, four underground parking garages have been constructed under Old Main, Woodlawn Hall, Parkland Hall and Freedom Place.  Ranging from two to three levels each, the garages are furnished with fully air-conditioned elevator lobbies and artwork specifically curated for the individual structure.  Freedom Place boasts a particularly dramatic and unique kinetic sculpture of large, varied boulders suspended from the ceiling, accented with theatrical lighting.  Visible from all angles of the garage's entry and exit ramp, this striking exhibit is both a structurally challenging success and a memorable piece of art.

3819 Maple Ave., Dallas, TX 75219



  • Project Management
  • 447,363 SF
  • Completed 2008 - 2020