Pegasus Park

Dallas, TX

The 18-story high-rise with its iconic flying horse logo is undergoing a 21st century transformation. Once housing Exxon Mobil, Pegasus Place will undergo a complete renovation, gutting and rebuilding the interior, replacing the building's exterior glass, increasing overall energy efficiency, and adding food service and fitness venues.  Supported by Lyda Hill Philanthropies, corporate office space will be replaced by companies with an emphasis on science, technology, and environmental and human development. More than 150,000 SF of reduced-cost space will be set aside specifically for non-profit and social-impact companies.  Accommodating the new reality of Covid-19, building ventilation is being adapted for additional filtration.   The 23-acre campus will feature patios, walking trails, and outdoor gathering areas.  Completion is anticipated in early 2021.

3000 Pegasus Park Drive, Dallas, TX 75247


  • Project Management
  • 600,000
  • In Progress