St. Monica Catholic Church

Dallas, TX

In 2012, Pritchard Associates completed work on St. Monica Catholic Church's multi-million-dollar renovation, which included a complete overhaul of the interior, new pews in the Sanctuary, a stained-glass room and a new organ.  By removing the dark steel and dark chocolate hues and carpeting, and replacing them with a lighter wood and paint tones, terrazzo flooring, and other features, the interior has been completely upgraded to fit a more contemporary aesthetic, while also honoring the memory of the building before it. The church also features a new Eucharistic Adoration chapel with glass depictions of St. Monica on one side and her son, St. Augustine, on the other side. 


  • Paul Jusselin, Project Manager
  • 9933 Midway Rd., Dallas, TX 75220
  • Complete Interior Upgrade
  • 18,200 SF
  • New Pews
  • New Organ
  • Stained-Glass Room