St. Thomas Aquinas School

Dallas, TX

Pritchard Associates has provided services to this Catholic school for almost 20 years through a multitude of projects.  Beginning in 2004 with St. Thomas' Lower School, projects have included upgrades to classrooms, cafeteria, library, athletic fields, gym, concession stand, and landscape.  The largest of these, the Lower School, included all new classrooms, a science lab, art room, computer lab and a new gym with a basketball court for the 300 kindergarten through second grade students.  With the need to incorporate the same character and identity of the over 50-year-old campus into all new construction, these projects have been particularly challenging and rewarding.

6306 Kenwood Ave, Dallas, TX 75214


  • Project Management
  • 43,000 SF
  • Completed 2004 - 2019