Temple Emanu-El

Dallas, TX

Temple Emanu-El, one of the largest Reform Jewish congregations in the country with 2,500 member families, consisted of a 155,790 SF addition and renovation in 2016. Keeping with mid-century architecture, the project included a new school wing for the Early Childhood Education Center, along with more youth and adult spaces, a new administrative office area, a 450-seat chapel and restoration of its historic Olan Sanctuary. The project required that the construction be conducted over four phases, while keeping the Chapels and Schools open for all Jewish holidays, worship services, fundraisers, weddings, Sabbath practices and social forums. This project won the prestigious SLATE Award for one of the “Best Things America Built in 2016”. 


  • Brett Ratliff, Project Manager
  • www.tedallas.org
  • 8500 Hillcrest Ave., Dallas, TX 75225
  • Mid-century Architecture
  • 155,790 SF
  • 450-seat chapel